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ENT doctor in Sion, Chembur Mumbai – Dr Prashant Kewle
ENT doctor in Sion, Chembur Mumbai – Dr Prashant Kewle
ENT doctor in Sion, Chembur Mumbai – Dr Prashant Kewle

Dr. Prashant Kewle M.S.[ENT] is working in field of ENT since more than 15 years in Mumbai. He Completed three year post graduate training programme in ENT at Grant Medical College, Department of ENT, J J Hospital Mumbai which is a 1500 bedded teaching hospital and is a tertiary level referral centre. During these 3 years of post-graduate programme have performed independent surgeries Work experience in mass casualties like earthquake and bomb blasts. Have two and half years experience in teaching post-graduate, under-graduates & students of nursing college, working as ENT registrar in Department of ENT, Grant Medical College, Mumbai. He also work as director for Atharveda Medical Tourism.

Relation between Ear, Nose & Throat
Our ears, nose & throat are connected with each other and work together as an intimate trio. That is the reason a problem in any one of these lead to affect ears, nose & throat altogether, for e.g. discomfort in the nose may affect the throat. For any discomfort or problem related to these areas like an ear infection or hearing loss, nasal allergies, sinusitis or congestion o r chronic sore throat or strep, one should consult ENT doctors for total cure and effective treatment.

Dr Prashant Kewle, an ENT doctor in Sion, Chembur in Mumbai, has well equipped ENT Clinic, having all the facilities and technology for diagnosis to surgery to treat your Ear, Nose & Throat problems effectively.

Dr Prashant Kewle is an ENT surgeonperforms both basic and advanced endoscopic sinus surgeries, micro ear/micro laryngeal surgeries, esophageal endoscopes and surgery for deafness

The Treatment & services available are:

• ENT Consultation
• Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy
• Diagnostic Flexible & Rigid Laryngoscopy
• Vertigo Clinic
• Voice Clinic Otology – Ear Microsurgery, Laser Stapedotomy, Cochlear Implant Surgery
• Neuro – Otology and Vertigo Clinic
• Rhinology – Sinus and Nasal Endoscopic procedures, Balloon Sinuplasty
• Endoscopic Skull-base Surgery
• Phonosurgery and Phono-microsurgery such as Microflap, Puberphonia Surgery.
• Voice Change Surgeries, Injection Laryngoplasty
• Airway Surgery and Aclarent Balloon Dilatation
• Laryngeal Laser Surgeries
• Swallowing Disorders
• Sleep Apnoea and other Head and Neck Surgeries
• Phonosurgery, Laser Surgery and Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery

ENT Surgeries:

• Reconstructive middle ear surgery    
• Surgery of the facial nerve    
• Endoscopic Repair of meningomylocele & CSF Leak     See Video
• Micro laryngeal surgery    See Video
• Mlscopy diod laser for haemangioma of vocal cord     See Video
• Surgery for snoring and sleep apnea     See Video
• Post aural Tympanoplasty mastoidectomy    See Video
• Endaural T’plasty     See Video
• Stapedotomy    
• Septoplasty    
• Functional endoscopic sinus surgery     See Video
• Endoscopic orbital decompreesion     See Video
• Head and neck cancer surgeries    
• Revision ear surgeries    
• Laser surgeries for several head and neck lesions     See Video
• Phonosurgery     See Video
• Parathyroid Adenoma Exicion     See Video
• Tonsillectomy by radio frequency     See Video
• Tonsillectomy by co Ablator     See Video
• Nasal Fungal Mycetoma Endoscopic surgery.   
• Adenoidectomy By Co Ablator     See Video
• Myringotomy with Gromett     See Video

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