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Tue, Apr 2, 2019


What is allergy?

It is hyper-response of your body to a substance which is as such not harmful to your body like dust mites, pollen, food items, fungus and many more.

Why my body is showing this hyper reactions?

We may develop allergy because of continues exposer to that allergen like ornaments, dust mites, pollens. Also, there is genetic factors where in it runs in the family.

What are the symptoms of allergy?

You may have sneezing to start with if it is air allergen then it may progress to asthma you can have pain in abdomen, reluctant loose motions on exposer to food allergies.

 Certain food allergy like milk, peanuts, egg, some medicines, may give very severe reactions like swelling over face, whole body, itching all over body, multiple red patches. In very strong allergy you may have difficulty to breath and sudden collapse leading to death as well, we called it as anaphylaxis.

Contact allergy may be present as reaction to dyes, ornaments, colouring agents, in some factory worker the chemicals they are in contact can give allergy rashes.

How can I find my allergy?

We can do skin prick test. In this, we will put drops on different allergens on your fore arm or on back and then will give fine scratch through the drop so that very small quantity will go in the superficial layer of skin and the skin will give reaction in 15 to 20 min. We can measure it in mm and give the grade of allergy.

Once we find out the reactions from your body as per your history we can correlate which are significant allergen.

We can also do blood test but it’s more of confirmatory than sensitive also in skin test you can see the reaction in front of you so you can be sure of the allergen .


Once I find out my allergy what can be done? Is it curable?

Yes we can cure it permanently.

If the allergen is like a food item which can be avoided completely we can advise that like apple, wheat, fish and meat.

But if it cannot be avoided like milk, egg, haldi, peanuts, air allergens, pollens, fungi we can treat your body by means of immunotherapy.

What is immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy works on the same principle as your vaccines. It can be oral form or injection form. Oral is preferred as it can be taken at home only.When we give the same allergens in very dilute form your body does not give hyper reaction but give the protective antibody, slowly we have to increase the concentrations of allergens and produce more of protective antibody which will prevent the hyper reaction of body.

How many months or years is the treatment?

The treatments take approximately 2yrs to 5 yrs. depending on how fast your body can tolerate higher concentrations.

Will I be on medications also?

Yes for initial 3 to 6 months you will be on medication as our treatment will take min 6 months to show the protective results.

What is side effect of immunotherapy? Is there any contraindication for this?                       

As it’s not chemical or drug there are no side effects. It can be taken with any medicine safely. There is no contraindications as such but we may not start it in pregnancy and severe illness.



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